PowerPlay E-Blue Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard


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Brands: PowerPlay
Barcode: 6921607111125
Release Date: Available

The PowerPlay E-Blue Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard is a wired mechanical sense gaming keyboard made from durable anodized aluminium and features 104 compact, floating, double colour injected keycaps providing a great touch and feel with fast response complete with multi-colour backlighting to illuminate the keyboard to help with late night gaming sessions. The double colour injection ensures that even after heavy use over extended periods of time the lettering and numbering will not fade away while the floating feature of the keycaps makes for easy swapping of keys if necessary. The PowerPlay E-Blue Mechanical-Sense Keyboard supports 25 key anti-ghosting ensuring fast and accurate response with no loss of information and no missed key presses during intense battles.



Mechanical Sense
Designed for a tactile and clicky response the mechanical-sense keys support a lifespan of 50 million clicks and deliver rapid feedback as well as having 25 keys full anti-ghosting technology.


Floating Design
Ergonomic and laddered keycaps are designed with a focus on ergonomics to support your palms natural resting position and the natural motions of your fingers allowing for hours of use free from fatigue.


Keycap Colouring
Double-coloured injected keycaps ensure the durability of the characters printed and ensure that no fading occurs even after prolonged usage.


CNC Metal Crafted Edges
Equipped with metal edges that have been precision cut through a CNC machine this keyboard is supported by a high quality, solid and durable anodized aluminium base with an easy to grip textured finish.


Anti-Interference Cable
The specially designed anti-interference TPE cable ensures smooth data transmission and durability.