Gator Claw PS4 Controller Firmware Update


To update the Gator Claw wired controller, please read these instructions in full before you start, so that you are familiar with the short process.  The update must be done from a computer.


Use the following links to download the driver update file. We suggest you to download it on your computer and run it from there. If the 1034 fails, we suggest you to try 1035.


BEFORE plugging your controller into the USB port of your laptop/PC, you should place your controller on a hard surface. With one hand, press the L3 analog stick and the right button of the directional pad at the same time as shown in the example.

While holding these two buttons down, only then should you plug your controller in to the USB port.

NB. If the buttons aren’t pressed before plugging the controller in, the update will fail.


Once your controller is plugged in, this screen will appear with the message “Ready to update firmware”. Click on “Update” button.

If successful, the following screens will appear:

Your controller is now ready to use!