Trak Racer SC9 Pedestal Gaming Chair


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Trak Racer
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Enhance your Gaming Experience!
Impress your mates with the ultimate home gaming machine. Designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, the SC9 from Trak Racer has height adjustment, pedestal swivel base, complete back support and durable bonded leather.
The Trak Racer SC9 with a 2.1 Channel Sound System features 2 powerful speakers and an in-built subwoofer which will vibrate your body; giving you the complete surround sound gaming experience. The clever control panel allows you to connect multiple gaming chairs by in-built 3.5mm inputs and outputs. The SC9 is your partner in entertainment whether you’re listening to your favourite tines, playing a game or watching a movie; this chair will transform the entertainment experience as you know it. The SC9 will connect to most gaming consoles and audio systems through RCA Audio Jacks, the in-built Bluetooth Audio and 3.5mm Headphone Jack.





• Full 2.1 wireless Bluetooth stereo sound with a vibrating subwoofer
• Universal One Size Fits All design makes the Trak Racer SB6 suitable for both children and adults
• 2 Built-in and Powerful ARX High-Performance Speakers for surround sound
• Convenient volume control pod with bass control, perfect for gamers and movie watchers
• Powerful Subwoofer which vibrates with all low-frequency sounds
• Wireless Audio achieved by the incorporated Bluetooth A2DP Audio System
• High-Grade PU Leather Construction makes the SC9 Gaming Chair both easy to clean and long lasting
• Height Adjustable for greater comfort
• In-Built Stereo headphone jack for private listening
• Compatible with most Audio and Game Consoles including PlayStation, Xbox, DVD Players, Televisions and more
• Fast and Easy Setup
• Breathable Contoured Bucket Seat Design will keep you comfortable for hours on end
• Multiplayer Connection allows you to connect up top 6 other gaming chairs to listen to the same audio. Perfect for watching movies together with the whole gang!
• Folding back for convenient storage


Trak Racer

Trak Racer