Trak Racer FS3 Speaker Mount


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Brands: Trak Racer
Trak Racer
Barcode: 743031860006
Release Date: Available

3 Speaker Mount Upgrade for Trak Racer FS3 Wheel Stand and Aluminium Sim Rigs


  • Mounts to all FS3 Wheel Stands and other profile rigs
  • Conveniently places speakers in front of you
  • Lightweight Steel Construction
  • Painted in Black
  • Constructed from Laser Cut Steel
  • Includes Assembly Instructions for Wheel Stand Assembly
  • Supports Speaker systems with a wall mount support can also be attached.
  • Note. For mounting to Aluminium Sim Rigs, 6mm T Nuts not Supplied


Trak Racer

Trak Racer