SADES Anubis’ Staff Headset Stand


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Brands: SADES
Barcode: 6956766907531
Release Date: Available

The Anubis’ Staff Headset Stand is a multi-functional headset stand with a sturdy structure. Not only does it support your gaming headsets it also supplies power, is capable of transmitting data and also features an in-built mouse cord bungee for tangle free mouse operation. With stainless steel arms and acrylic plastic components the Anubis Staff is capable of supporting your headset as stable as possible. With USB 3.0 plugs the Anubis staff doubles as a device to output audio and voice data thanks to its in built sound card.


  • Saves desk space
  • Unrivaled aesthetic design
  • Rubberized pad support
  • Cable management capabilities
  • Keeps headsets secure
  • USB inputs and outputs
  • Built in mouse cord bungee