PowerPlay Mini Mechanical Keyboard


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Brands: PowerPlay
Barcode: 0746935935924
Release Date: Late July 2021

Highly accurate, reliable, and responsive – the PowerPlay Cyan Switch Mini Mechanical Keyboard is everything you could want out of a gaming keyboard!


Because of its 61-Key compact design, this gaming keyboard frees up your desk space for things such as larger monitors and other accessories, it is also good for people that use a low mouse sensitivity. The keyboard is still fully featured with the traditional numpad and directional arrow modules being moved to keys accessible with the ‘Function button’.


This high-quality keyboard features tactile ZT Cyan Switches which provide a satisfying response with every press and are rated up to 50 million individual key-presses, and with the included PowerPlay application you can light up your world with full 16.8m colour customisable RGB. In addition to this, the double-injection keycaps provide long lasting quality and comfort with their ergonomic design while the strong aluminium face-cover provides a sturdy base for the rest of the keyboard. Upgrade your game by downsizing – switch to the PowerPlay Cyan Switch Mini Mechanical Keyboard today!



  • 61-Key Mini Keyboard
  • Mechanical Cyan Switches
  • Customizable 16.8m Colour RGB
  • Highly Durable Double-Injection Keycaps
  • Braided USB-C Cable Connection
  • Sturdy Aluminium Faceplate


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