PowerPlay Mini Mechanical Keyboard (White)


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Brands: PowerPlay
Barcode: 769807817302
Release Date: November 2022

Highly accurate, reliable, and responsive – the PowerPlay Cyan Switch Mini Mechanical Keyboard is everything you could ever want out of a gaming keyboard!


The compact design provides space for things such as larger monitors and other accessories. This is also good news for gamers that like to use a low mouse sensitivity and require more room. The keyboard is still fully featured with the traditional directional arrow modules and command keys being moved to positions accessible with the ‘Function button’. This high-keyboard features tactile ZT Cyan Switches which provide a satisfying response with every press and are rated up to 50 million individual key-presses.


Download the PowerPlay Mini Keyboard Application and you can light up your world with true customisable 16.8 million colour RGB. The double-injection pudding keycaps provide long lasting quality and comfort with their ergonomic design while the strong face-cover provides a sturdy base for the rest of the keyboard. Upgrade your game with PowerPlay Mini Mechanical Keyboard!


61 Double-injection keys

Pudding keycaps

True mechanical cyan switches

High grade aluminium construction

Customisable true RGB

Anti-ghosting capacity

Instant plug & play install

High quality braided cable

Downloadable drivers