Paladone Tetris Playing Cards


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Brands: Paladone
Barcode: 5055964727475

Give your next game of cards a retro 80s twist and bring a little nostalgia into the room with these super-fun Tetris Lenticular Playing Cards.


This standard deck of cards features a 3D lenticular Tetris design with the different Tetriminos. The deck also comes in an embossed, printed storage tin for safe keeping. A great gift for Tetris fans.


In 1984, the Tetris game was born from the imagination of computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov. Inspired by his favorite puzzle board game, Pentominos, Pajitnov created an electronic game that let players arrange puzzle pieces in real time as they fell from the top of the Matrix. The resulting design was a game that used seven distinctive geometric playing pieces called Tetriminos, each made up of four squares. Pajitnov called this game “Tetris,” a combination of “tetra” (the Greek word meaning “four”) and “tennis” (his favorite sport).


The Tetris Lenticular Playing Cards is an officially licensed Tetris product.