Paladone D&D D20 Light


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Brands: Paladone
Barcode: 5055964742768
Release Date: November 2022

Dungeons & Dragons is a structured yet open-ended role-playing game. It is played with the participants seated around a tabletop. Typically, each player controls only a single character, which represents an individual in a fictional setting. One player, the Dungeon Master or DM, sets the scene and controls all the other characters the players meet and the monsters they encounter. Using just dice and character sheets, a whole world can come alive!


Released in 1974 and first gaining popularity in the 80s, Dungeons and Dragons has persisted as a favourite pastime of many fans of fantasy and pop culture. What better way to further immerse yourself in the realm of fantasy than with this colour-changing D20 lamp, styled after the signature 20 sided dice used in game! Perfect for illuminating your questing den with the perfect mood lighting.


Grab yours today and roll for illumination!


Official Dungeons & Dragons licensed merchandise