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We call it Complete LP™, but only because that’s easier to say than “The only piece of equipment you need to play everything you have.” Complete LP plays 7”, 10” and 12” records on its three-speed belt-drive turntable, it has a cassette player, a CD player, an AM/FM radio, and it plays any device you have connected to its Aux input. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth®, so you can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

This is truly an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse. It has built-in stereo speakers and a powerful on-board amplifier so you don’t need any other gear to enjoy your favorite tunes. Plus, it has a USB input so you can simply insert your flash drive and digitally record your cassettes or LPs onto the drive as you play them.

There’s a headphone output for private listening, an informative LCD display and RCA line outs if you want to connect Complete LP to other equipment. Complete LP is complete fun.


  • 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch Records
  • Cassette tapes
  • AM/FM Radio
  • CD (compatible with MP3/CD-R/CD-RW)
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Content on USB flash drive
  • Devices connected to Aux input


  • Digitally record vinyl, cassettes and more directly onto flash drive, no computer needed!
  • 3-speed belt-drive turntable
  • Built-in speakers with powerful internal amplifier
  • Headphone output
  • Informative LCD display

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ION Audio