Edifier MR4 Studio Speakers (Black)


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Brands: Edifier
Barcode: 6923520269112
Release Date: April 2023

Whether you are a casual listener or music producer the Edifier MR4 Monitor Reference Speakers offer an enhanced audio experience. With the option of 6.35mm TRS balanced input, or the more common unbalanced options of RCA and 3.5mm AUX , these speakers can provide excellent sound quality from a wide range of different devices.


Featuring a 4” subwoofer and Class-D amplifier, the MR4 speakers can output sound frequencies as low as 60Hz and up to 20kHz with little-to-no distortion.  The 1” silk diaphragm unit ensures smooth, natural, and balanced treble. Easily swap between the different modes by rotating the front dial, choose between Monitor Mode for in-depth music production and sound design or Music Mode for your day-to-day music and podcast playback. In addition, you can also use the dial to change between input methods, and choose between speaker or headphone output modes.



  • True Monitor Speakers
  • Professional Quality
  • Low Resonance
  • 35mm TRS Balanced Input
  • Edifier Lab Tuned to KLIPPEL System Standards



Power Output:                  21W + 21W

Audio Inputs:                    TRS Balanced Input
RCA Unbalanced Input
AUX Unbalanced Input

Signal – Noise Ratio:      ≥85dB(A)

Frequency Response:    60Hz – 20kHz

Input Sensitivity:             Balanced Input = +4dBu
Unbalanced Input = -10dBV