Edifier G1500 Gaming Speakers (Black)


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Brands: Edifier
Barcode: 6923520269716
Release Date: November 2022

Enjoy premium sound quality in your favorite games with the Edifier G1500 Gaming Speakers, featuring full-range 2.5” speaker driver units. A combined 10W of peak power output delivers punchy bass, while the fine-tuned speaker units provide excellent frequency response from 93Hz up to 20kHz.


Connect to your favorite devices any way you choose, the G1500’s are capable of connecting directly via USB or Auxiliary inputs, or wirelessly by utilizing the Bluetooth V5.3 chipset.


These compact gaming speakers are ideal for delivering powerful audio to your battlestation.


  • Connect via USB, Bluetooth, or Aux
  • Bluetooth V5.3 Capable
  • 5” Full-Range Drivers
  • 12 RGB Lighting Modes