E-Blue Gaming Desk (Large)


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607110821
Release Date: Available

The E-Blue Gaming Desk (large) is the largest in the E-Blue gaming desk range standing at its tallest at 1.65m with 4 levels of height adjustment making it suitable for both kids and adults alike and ensuring ergonomic comfort at every level of height adjustment. The E-Blue large gaming desk comes in two sections so as to save on shipping costs. The sides of the desk feature RGB lighting LEDS and a wireless remote allowing you to choose from 16 different colours. The desk surface includes a custom fit water resistant microfiber mousepad that covers the whole desk making it the perfect choice for gaming. Made of a durable metal construction the large gaming desk by E-Blue will provide comfort and ergonomic support for those long gaming sessions.


Ice Blue LEDs
The E-Blue large gaming desk features LED lighting either side of the desk to help illuminate the desk at night or in dark LAN rooms or e-sports arenas. The lighting is a cool ice blue glowing effect that fully immerses you in your battle station. Remote included.


Ergonomic Shape
The ergonomic shape of the large E-Blue gaming desk as well as its integrated support spaces make this desk a perfect fit for gamers. Sitting at just the right height for ergonomic comfort you can be sure fatigue is a thing of the past.


Durable Metal Construction
Unlike other desks the small E-Blue gaming desk doesn’t skimp on construction. Made from durable aluminium and featuring support bars that double as foot rests this desk is designed to hold up to any gamer’s onslaught.


Mousepad Surface
The E-Blue small gaming desk features an ultra-thick mousepad surface that covers the top of the desk completely rendering it totally waterproof while providing an awesome surface for mouse tracking ensuring accuracy and stability.



  • Size: 1650mm x 885mm x 640mm
  • Weight: 30Kg