E-Blue Cobra X Gaming Chair (Blue)


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607112191
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A combination of form and function, the Cobra X series gaming chairs focus on ergonomics, design and functionality. Designed to give a wide range of adjustment options the Cobra X Gaming Chairs provide gamers with the greatest possible comfort and support in every gaming position for extended periods of time. With a ventilation focused designed the E-Blue Cobra X Gaming Chair is an ergonomically designed gaming chair made from a high quality polyurethane. Featuring a fashionable double hole design and an anti-fatigue and ergonomic structure that supports every part of your spine, legs and neck, the Cobra X Gaming Chair offers unparalleled comfort and support.


The Cobra X Gaming Chair features high quality components including high grade PU leather with high resilience, anti-deformation foam to provide maximum seated comfort. The class-4 TUV certified gas spring ensures stability and a smooth up and down operation. The Cobra X Gaming Chair is supported by a 5-point base that supports up to 1500kg of static loading weight with omnidirectional casters ensuring smooth and silent movement.


The Cobra Gaming Chair is equipped with a multiple-point adjusting system to suit gamers of all shapes and sizes. The backrest reclines up to 135 degrees with a lockable rocking angle feature. Armrests can move up and down freely and move backwards and forwards.





Pad & Backrest


  • Highly resilient foam sponge
  • Deformation resistant
  • Loading strength 300IB (1334N)
  • Repeat tilt lifespan 100,000 times
  • Anti-fatigue ergonomic structure


Advanced PU leather surface


  • Excellent breathability, heat dispersion and water wicking.
  • Comfortable PU feel
  • Ventilation-focused design


Class-4 Gas spring


  • High-grade durable steel with chromate coating
  • Certified class-4 TUV gas spring
  • Moves freely up and down. Travel distance 75±5mm


Multiple Angles of Adjustment


  • Max backrest angle of 135 degrees.
  • Adjustable lying strength of backrest.
  • Tilt-lock function


Adjustable armrest


  • 360 degree rotation function
  • Moves Freely up and down and backwards and forwards


Nylon five star feet


  • Nylon
  • 70cm Diameter
  • Static loading capacity 1500KG




  • 5-point nylon wheel base
  • Made from nylon + 30% glass fibre and PU injection
  • Great abrasion resistance and greater lifespan.
  • Noiseless wheels for silent movement


Excellent headrest design


  • Fashionable double hole design
  • Comfortable headrest for added neck support
  • 3D embroidery logo provides a stamp of quality