E-Blue Cobra Gaming Headset (Red)


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607100341
Release Date: Available

The E-Blue Cobra Gaming Headset provides a true-to-life gaming experience. With an open-type dynamic headset design, adjustable metallic headband, extra soft ear cushioning, rotatable microphone and a high sensitivity plug this headset is fully geared for the ultimate gamer.

Cobra type X gaming headset

This headset is equipped with a rotatable high sensitivity rubber microphone. Clear voice transmissions are obtained.

Adjustable metallic headband

The headband is made from stainless steel to ensure durability. The headset is very comfortable when using for long gaming sessions.

Open-typed dynamic headset

The 40mm dynamic headset delivers an extra-ordinary clear and accurate acoustic sound.


  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Power Capability: 300 mW
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Speaker diameter: 40 m
  • Connector: 2× 3.5 mm stereo (audio and mic)
  • Impedance: 2.2K Ω
  • Input sensitivity: Ø6 × 2.7MM – 52dB ± 3dB