E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Large (Blue)


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607108200
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The E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair (Large) is made of a highly durable polyurethane leather supplemented with high quality suede accents. Designed with a focus on ergonomics and comfort in mind the large Cobra Gaming Chair features fully adjustable backrests and armrests. The chair is adjustable in height (80mm +/- 5mm) and the seat backrest can be adjusted up to an angle of 118 degrees with an added lock tilt function so you can place it just where you want it. Armrests can be adjusted up or down (70mm +/- 5mm) and extended forward and backward to provide the perfect support for your forearm at any height and in any position.

The Cobra Gaming Chair (Large) comes equipped with a high quality class 4 TUV gas piston for smooth up and down operation free from sag. The chair connects to this piston via an upgraded 5 point base made of nylon and fiberglass to handle a static load of up to 1500kg ensuring safety and stability

The Cobra Gaming Chair features silent omni-directional casters that minimize noise and allow for smooth, effortless movement.

The backrest and seat of the Cobra Gaming Chair features highly flexible foam padding to stop the chair from deforming over time while also providing protection against fatigue even during extended periods of gameplay.

Pad & Backrest

  • Highly resilient foam sponge
  • Deformation resistant
  • Loading strength 300IB (1334N)
  • Repeat tilt lifespan 100,000 times
  • Anti-fatigue ergonomic structure

Advanced PU leather surface

  • Excellent breathability, heat dispersion and water wicking.
  • Comfortable PU feel

Class-4 Gas spring

  • High-grade durable steel with chromate coating
  • Certified class-4 TUV gas spring
  • Moves freely up and down. Travel distance 90±5mm

Multiple Angles of Adjustment

  • Max backrest angle of 170 degrees.
  • Adjustable lying strength of backrest.
  • Tilt-lock function

Adjustable armrest

  • 360 degree rotation function
  • Moves Freely up and down (lift travel 70mm ±5mm)

Steel five-start feet

  • High compressive strength steel
  • 70cm Diameter
  • Static loading capacity 1500KG


  • 5-point steel wheel base
  • Made from nylon + 30% glass fibre and PU injection
  • Great abrasion resistance and greater lifespan.
  • Noiseless wheels for silent movement

Excellent headrest design

  • Fashionable double hole design
  • Comfortable headrest for added neck support
  • 3D embroidery logo provides a stamp of quality