E-Blue Blackout Gaming Desk


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607111996
Release Date: April 2019

The E-Blue Blackout Gaming Desk is an ergonomically designed, height adjustable gaming desk that features anti-scratch technology and is designed to support your arms perfectly for when you’re spending long hours gaming. With its extended desktop space the E-Blue Blackout Gaming Desk fits any monitor as well as all your gaming accessories. Featuring three levels of adjustment – 740mm, 805mm and 868mm the Blackout desk is perfect for gamers of all shapes and sizes. With the desk fully covered by mousepad material your mouse operation is totally boundary-less, improving mouse tracking and ensuring that you never miss a shot!


The desk is supported by a durable metal structure featuring an I-shaped cross bar for structural support and stability, which also conveniently doubles as a foot rest. The outside edges of the Blackout are flanked by grey trim containing a neon blue illuminated light strip providing an awesome, immersive gaming experience and easily powered by the included 5V USB plug. Finally The Blackout also features a unique under-desk net for storing cables and other small accessories to keep your desk space totally clutter free.




  • Ergonomic design with anti-scratch desktop
  • Durable I-shaped metal bar provides structural support and doubles as foot rest
  • Height Adjustable (740mm, 805mm, 868mm)
  • Desk sized mousepad provides boundary free mouse operation
  • Unique grey trim with neon blue light strip provides immersive experience
  • Cable management net under desk keeps clutter at bay
  • USB plug powers lighting




  • Size: 1130mm x 595mm x 740mm
  • Weight: 20Kgs