E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa (Small)


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Barcode: 6921607108026
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The E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa (Small) is the world’s first moveable and sleepable gaming sofa. Featuring an ergonomic design with an extended headrest to deliver great comfort the sofa lends itself not only to long hours of gaming but also provides users with the ability to relax and recline with its 110 degree backrest angle and soft headrest. The extended seat cushion provides great comfort for legs allowing you to play longer without experiencing fatigue.

The Auroza gaming sofa is made from high grade polyurethane leather allowing for great breathability and ensuring that the sofa is easy to clean. The seat cushion and backrest is made from high resilience sponge filling to ensure that the sofa doesn’t deform. Featuring a built-in lounger design and noise reduction casters the Auroza Gaming sofa moves effortlessly and silently to wherever you wish to use it next.


  • Ergonomically designed cushioning
  • Made from high quality PU leather
  • High resilience sponge filling prevents deformation
  • Noise reduction casters for silent movement