E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa (Red)


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607109528
Release Date: Available

The E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa offers unprecedented comfort with its unique split-cushion design that offers support for both your legs and your hips so you can sink into a new level of comfort while you game. Designed with ergonomics in mind the Auroza Gaming Sofa’s design helps keep your spine aligned allowing you to stay comfortable during long gaming sessions.


The Auroza Gaming Sofa features high-quality memory foam in the cushions while the back support is made from a high grade cotton that is ergonomically supportive, soft and breathable so you can stay comfortable all year round. The padding also contains high quality memory foam sponge to avoid the sofa deforming. High quality polyurethane leather is used for the cover material which results in a textured, durable, stylish, comfortable and high quality finish.


The Auroza Gaming Sofa uses a steel-frame support structure, connected by internal spring connectors that allow the sofa to adjust to the person sitting in it. The sofa is also equipped with 4 quiet wheels at the base so that the sofa can be pushed, pulled or spun into place.



  • Split cushion design for maximum comfort
  • Memory foam cushions prevent deformation
  • High grade cotton back support
  • Steel frame support structure
  • 4 noiseless casters for silent movement