E-Blue Auroza 7.1 Vibration Gaming Headset


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Brands: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607106268
Release Date: Available

The E-Blue Auroza 7.1 Surround Sound Vibrating Headset is a closed style gaming headset that provides you with an immersive 4D FPS experience thanks to the unique built-in vibrating motors allowing you to hear and feel your enemy’s gunfire, footsteps and even water droplets in a 360 degree radius. The Auroza Vibrating Headset is also equipped with an ice blue glowing effect around the ear cups. The headset features soft leather ear cups that ensure supreme comfort even during lengthy gaming sessions. The ice blue lighting effect has an awesome pulsing effect. The Auroza Vibrating Headset also features an invisible microphone which provides the gamer with unobstructed vision. An in-line remote control is included that can control the mute function, the glowing and the vibrating effects.

Rumble motors
The built-in vibrating motors take you to a new level of immersive gameplay. Feel every shot, explosion or crash in crisp 7.1 detail.

7.1 Surround sound
The closed type style of these headphones coupled with surround sound 7.1 and 40mm neodymium drivers ensures unrivalled sounds quality. In combination with the vibration functions this headset offers unparalleled gaming immersion.

Noise cancelling ear cups
With ear cups made of eco-leather and filled with a special foam to minimize extraneous noise you can fully concentrate on your game as well as hear your squad mates in pristine detail.

Adjustable headband
The adjustable headband is made of a special soft material designed to perfectly fit any head size. The headband features adjustable stainless steel brackets to further improve fit and comfort.

Hidden microphone
The left ear cup features a built in, invisible, high sensitivity omni-directional microphone designed to capture your in game comms perfectly without the need for a bulky and vision obstructing microphone stem.

LED illumination
A unique icy electric blue LED strip is featured around the ear cup create and awesome glowing effect that makes the Auroza headset stand out on its own.

In-line remote
The Auroza 7.1 headset features an in-line remote control with which you can control the backlight, volume, turn on and off the rumble mode or mute the microphone.


  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 117dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Connection: USB